newborn baby art

your baby art session

We love seeing newborns in the studio and to help you prepare for your session here is some information for you to look over. If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch with us and Sarah will be on hand with the answers.

about the session

Your session will usually take around two hours, though sometimes longer. We work at your baby’s pace, allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing and soothing. Sometimes it can take a while for your baby to fall into that “deep Sleep” mode, as they aren’t used to being moved around and positioned every few minutes. However, eventually they get so tired they don’t notice! Safety is paramount for Sarah and she will only work within the set guidelines during the session.  Sarah has also attended training with Tumbledown Training in baby resuscitation.

preparing for your babyart session

To help your session go smoothly, please try and keep baby awake before your session and preferably time it so they are due a feed on arrival. A bath can be a great way to keep baby awake, but please avoid using any oils or creams on the day of your shoot. Please expect your baby to feed a little more frequently so bring extra milk if bottle feeding and also a dummy if your baby has one. It’s also helpful for you to bring a few blankets to wrap baby in whilst feeding.

We’re very used to babies peeing and pooping all over the blankets, props and ourselves so please don’t worry about any mess made; if you are relaxed then baby will be relaxed. If you or you have other children you would like to be photographed with your baby, we recommend wearing simple black or white t-shirts, or even better going skin-to-skin with your baby.

we love babies

More than any thing please know that we love babies! Sarah will hold and comfort your baby through out the session whilst she works with them to create their wonderful set of images. Sarah is a Mother of four and a Grandmother so she is in her element when photographing gorgeous newborns.

We can’t wait to see you and your little one for their first ever photoshoot.