I was inspired to create a panel of pregnancy and newborn images from my daughter who suffers from bi-polar and became pregnant whilst still studying at college.

Seeing the distress and upset that my daughter went through along with listening to my clients’ experiences made me think about my pregnancy photography and how I could create images that told the whole story of pregnancy.

It became my mission to put together a panel of images that represented the true feelings of women who have lost babies, gone through the pain of IVF and couples that have used a donor or surrogate.  For many couples pregnancy and having a child has not been an easy path.

Using various props helped me to tell these stories, the images are black and white but I wanted to bring out the softness and love that sits alongside the pain so they also have a warm tone.  The path to pregnancy and childbirth is not easy but there is a joy and I also wanted this to come across in the imagery.

The panel took me over two years to complete and has been a roller coaster of emotions along the way.  The panel has changed as my knowledge and empathy with the stories I have been told has increased.

This was such a labour of love for me and I hope you all enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

To receive a Fellowship for this body of work with the SWPP was the icing on the cake.

Sarah  xxx