What can I possibly say in this blog that isn’t going to bore you, or myself for that matter!! 

Some Blogs just seem to be a regurgitation of an essay we had to do at School entitled “What I did this weekend” And quite frankly, do you really want to know what I did this weekend?

So I will try and inform you of developments at Sarah Tate photography and stuff that I think you really should know that has been flitting around inside my head waiting for a conduit, and these blogs will be that conduit. So strap in and prepare for a wander around my mind.

 The recent Le Marche was fantastic, the sun shone and I thought Heathfield was shown off at its best – a festival atmosphere with food drink and friendly faces everywhere. One of the joys of being a local photographer is that I see people I have photographed in the past and can see them blossoming- nothing gives me greater pleasure than taking photographs at peoples weddings, Birthdays and social events for people I first photographed when they were in primary school – although it is somewhat ageing!!

I sold a record number vouchers during Le Marche and am gearing up the Studio for a busy time leading up to Christmas – don’t forget to get photographs done of your little darlings before they disappear to college or university – they will make a fabulous Christmas present.

 FREE MONEY– that got your attention didn’t it, well done for making it this far into my Blog. I won First Prize for a Maternity Photograph and got some lovely prizes, but more importantly my models Emma and Hannah won £500!! Cash, for sitting and looking beautiful, easy peasy! This was all part of the Bump 2 Baby programme, which comprises of a free pregnancy photograph and a complimentary photograph of your newborn baby.   So, if you and your gorgeous baby want to be in with a chance – just enrol on the Bounty website or see my website for details.

TALKING OF MODELS, as I was, I am thrilled to announce that I have got two male models lined up for the Dudeoir pictures – so keep an eye out for the window display in my studio window, but please also keep an eye on the traffic lights  – I don’t want the fence disappearing again!

I have also done a Hollywood style 40’s photoshoot, and I have to say, the results where rather good, which just goes to show that I can produce any style you want.

I have got to go, my glamorous P.A. Miss Pew, returns to the office today and I have to clean and tidy and get her desk in order before she comes in a puts me in order!!

So, anyway, what I did this weekend was spend the time with my gorgeous Grandchildren, taking photos – bliss.