Being Pregnant is a very special time in your life, so to have that moment captured in a timeless photograph forever is something that many couples are choosing to do, whether you choose to have photographs with or without your clothes is very much a personal choice.

Pregnancy Photography by Sussex based Sarah Tate Photography
Last year a very lovely lady called the studio enquiring about having pregnancy photographs taken, her due date was mid December and she would very much like to have a photograph to celebrate her pregnancy and to give as a memento to her husband for Christmas.

Lynne booked in of our “Bumps A Daisy Package” which gives you a portrait sitting and framed 12 inch photograph , when she was 38 weeks pregnant, she then came back later to choose which ones she would like as that Special present for her husband.

Rory was born not long after and both Rory and Lynne have taken advantage of our Tiny Tots Package which records in stages the whole of your babies first year.!

It is now coming up to Rory’s first birthday and Lynne has a lovely record from the time she was pregnant and through her baby’s special first year which as we all know goes so quickly!

Here are a few of Lynne’s pregnancy photographs.
Pregnancy Photography Sussex - Lynne & RoryPregnancy Photography Sussex - Lynne & RoryPregnancy Photography Sussex - Lynne & Rory